Secret Santa Surprises a Young Father of 4 Battling ALS With An Amazing Gift

The biggest gifts can come in the smallest packages.
This Christmas season, a secret Santa is on a beautiful mission of delivering surprises to many in our community who deserves it at the most! and Mindy and Wyatt Rees were a bit fortunate to receive this happy surprise of $10,000 at the time they needed it the most.

A few years ago, at age 29, Wyatt started to lose feeling in one of his arms. After multiple doctor visits spanning three years, Wyatt and Mindy ended up at the Mayo Clinic in August 2017 where he was diagnosed with ALS, a deadly disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, the day before his 33rd birthday.

Wyatt’s muscles are wasting away and he is now confined to a wheelchair. He can no longer walk, talk, stand, eat or swallow. He is being fed by a tube directly into his stomach and he obviously can not work to support his family or pay the bills.

The Rees family is living off their savings account as Mindy cares for her husband and four children aged 7, 5, 2 and 4 months.

When Secret Santa heard about the Ree family, he wanted to provide one of those “happy times” so he sent his elves over to the Rees household with a surprise!

Lets remember Wyatt in our prayers!

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About the Author: Linda Sutherland