Baby Elephant Snuggling a Tourist Is The Cutest Video In The Internet Today

Proverbs 12:10 “Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”

This proverb is very clear. Whoever is righteous will have regard for the life or the care of their animals, whether they are pets or livestock. For those who are cruel to their pets or animals, God seems to indicate that the mercy of the wicked is no better than cruelty of the wicked compared to God’s mercy, but on the other hand, the mercy and care given to those who care properly for their animals is very pleasing in God’s sight. There are several who are animal rescuers who find homes for abandoned animals, even getting them fixed and receiving their shots.

Animals, be it wild or domestic, are beautiful creatures that we are obliged to take care of them. But sadly because of poachers we are loosing many animals. Take for example the elephants; their numbers have reduced drastically due to poaching and many baby elephants are left injured or without mothers.

But thankfully many rescues and sanctuaries have opened to take care of these beautiful elephants. And many of these sanctuaries open their doors for tourists to come visit elephants in a humane environment. That way tourists can ensure that their money is going to support these beautiful creatures.

This man was on one of those types of tours when they got to visit some of the baby elephants. He was meeting this one sweet baby elephant when this baby really clicked with him. Just one pet and this elephant had found her new best friend. And apparently this elephant’s love language is snuggles, and rather aggressive snuggles at that!

This baby elephant loved him so much it knocked him over. And while he lay on the ground this sweet big baby just kept on going in for the snuggles. We’ve all heard people say to babies “I could just eat you up.” Well, it seems that is exactly what was going through this elephant’s mind!

Just watching these two hilariously roll around on the ground will give you so much happiness!

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